Accepting Program for Overseas Researchers/Research Students of Atomic Energy (APORS-AE)

The accepting program for overseas researchers/research students of atomic energy (APORS-AE) is a program of the FIHRDC/WERC to invite overseas researchers and students all over the world, who have intensions to improve nuclear safety and application technology, to the universities, institutes, and other research organizations in the Fukui prefecture.

      The FIHRDC/WERC supports their research in the Fukui prefecture bearing the expenses in some extent and providing services through this APORS-AE.

<Eligibility of applicants;
-   Researcher for APORS-AE: Person who has conducted related research over several years such as at institutes, universities in
    his/her home country
-   Research student for APORS-AE: Master or doctoral student in his/her home country (Research student)

Nuclear rerated institute in Fukui Prefecture, Japan

Minimum 3 months, Max 6 months

Accepting ceremony of researcher

  Accepting Program for Overseas Researchers/Research students of Atomic Energy JFY 2019
 Application Guide 
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Briefing session of researcher in university of Fukui